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The Best Cocktails for a Happy Camp

Spring is finally here and we're itching to get back in tents, but we know that nights spent in the mountains still have us reaching for extra blankets to stay warm. Beyond the blanket cocoon and a crackling fire, nothing helps us cozy up quite like some good company and our favorite camp cocktails.

Here's what we’re mixing this spring as we head back to camp: 

The Old West Fashioned

2oz booze (measure with your imagination)
Mix things up with a dry rum or aged tequila.. Or don’t and use whiskey or brandy like everyone else. 

½ oz (3-7 dashes) Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup 
Ingredients: Demerara sugar, mountain spring water, orange peel, tart Colorado cherries, bitter herb blend. Made in Colorado.


Orange or lemon peel, and Luxardo cherries
Suggested, not required.


Mix booze and cocktail syrup in any camp cup. Add ice and stir to mix, or roll between two cups. Rim your cup with citrus peel, and garnish with cherries to hold true to tradition.

Pro-Tip: Pre-mix your booze and cocktail syrup in a flask or water bottle ahead of time to make prep even easier.


Mountain Mint Toddy

Teakoe Kodiak Mountain Mint tea
Ingredients: Spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves, balsam fir needles, blackberry leaves, natural mint flavors. Made in Colorado.

2oz booze
We like to use a rye whiskey to add some extra spice to this sweet recipe.

½ oz (3-7 dashes) Strongwater Golden Cocktail Bitters
Ingredients: Alcohol, mountain spring water, turmeric, sassafras, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, integrity. Made in Colorado.

Slice of lemon, honey, and cloves or cinnamon
Suggested, not required.


          Steep tea bag in hot water for 5-6 min, then pull tea bag from water. Pour whiskey in insulated camp mug and top with hot tea. Add bitters and stir gently to mix flavors. Add a lemon wedge, dollop of honey, or extra spices to cure what ails ya.

          Pro-Tip: Don't be afraid of starting early. This one's just as tasty on a lazy morning as it is on a chilly night. 

          Love the list? Try the recipes out yourself around the campfire and show us the results!
          Send pictures, stories, recipe tweaks, and helpful hints to 


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