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Hey fam, have you been wondering what Mountain Standard is up to? Well, we've been hard at work coping with the pandemic and internally revitalizing the brand for some exciting new updates. Here's the scoop!

Jason and I are passionate outdoor folk funding Mountain Standard with what we can. Local, independently-owned businesses enjoy the freedoms of broken corporate shackles but, at the same time, take on much risk. When the worldwide pandemic hit, it impacted all levels of Mountain Standard and created adverse trickle-down effects across every aspect of our global supply chain. Like many others, we too were strong-armed into sobering, hard decisions. There is no overarching corporate budget to carry us through unprecedented times. We were forced to make phone calls you only hear about in the downfall of cinematic films. We were forced to halt the production of our seasonal lines in 20/21. I kid you not; we were even forced to make an employee "burn chart" consisting of the folks we cherish. All this, just to keep Mountain Standard afloat. I frankly tell you because repercussions are still very real, and we need to recognize our experience for what it actually is. Although life is approaching normality, small businesses are still getting the brunt of economic hardships. For example, life may seem 'fairly normal' as you pick up your morning coffee on your way to work, right? But what goes through your mind when you go to your local bike shop, and inventory levels are shot? We see now, more than ever, how production is like a worldwide ecosystem, where so many factors are reliant upon one another. Mountain Standard has had to learn and is still learning how to counter these hurdles as a company. The past year and a half taught us ways to navigate the ebbs and flows with typical Mountain Standard design and passion. With great optimism, we hope to have overcome the lowest of the hardships and continue to dream about normality while preemptively celebrating exciting plans we can't wait to ensue.

Backcountry, our deeply-rooted partner, moved into our old retail space and will showcase a brand new Mountain Standard installation. Please note only the flagship store closed, and you can continue to support us through our website. Fret not, we are still locally based, and our new HQ is just down the street on East Pearl. Come on by and say hi; we'd love to see you and show you what we've been working on.

While we don't want to give too much away, we are very excited to leak a few things about our upcoming collections. Keep an eye out for some irresistible fleece pieces, an update to our iconic Down Jacket, a front-snap blast from the past classic, and all-new sustainable fabrics. We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate your patience while we get our ducks in a row. We could not do this without you, the radical fans who support us.

With that in mind, we'd like to leave you with one last bit of stoke. Something big is brewing deep within the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. A change like no other. As the fall winds bring crisp air and the fabled golden leaves begin to blanket the forest floor, keep your eye out for something new. A new Mountain Standard full of everything you love combined with an element of core authenticity to bring out your adventure ready spirit like never before.

Peace and Love,
Eric Lyon