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Cooke City and a DEEPer Appreciation of the GYE

A drive through North Yellowstone to the end of the plowed road finds you at a tiny outpost situated in the snowy Absaroka Range.

Cooke City, Montana charms its’ visitors with deep pow and endless skiing. There are more snowmobiles than cars. Yet, is a common misconception that you need a sled to access the goods. Breaking trail can start from the cabin’s doorstep. Playing 'right in my backyard' never rang more true.

To recreate within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a privilege. The skiing rivals the impressive ecological and geological offerings of this wildlife sanctuary. Winter in this place is a truly magical time where you can enjoy the natural wealth of Yellowstone without the summer crowds.

Skiing here is a treat in itself, but when provided a rare sunny day to get up high, it is the cherry on top. The skies beamed as we headed up for summit views and long descents. We managed to find some air on the way down and took full advantage of the soft snow.


We leave with a sincere appreciation and deeper understanding of Yellowstone winters. Three days is never long enough - until next time Cooke.


Words: Bianca Germain
Photos: Bianca Germain
Location: Cooke City, MT

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