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How We Turned My CRV Into a Camper


One weekend, Devin and I woke up and decided that having a platform with a bed in my car would take adventuring up a notch. So, over breakfast, we (mainly Devin) began drawing out plans for Alfred, my long suffering 2004 CRV that carts us around Colorado and beyond.

We headed to the local lumberyard and picked up screws, several 2x4s as well as a sheet of MDF. We chose this because it was a little more heavy duty than plywood. The tools we used were a saw, drill and sander.



In the past, we had taken the back seats out of my car for longer camping trips to give us more room to pack and the option to pull up to a site and not set up a tent. We soon found out that putting those seats back in was not worth the hassle to take them out, so we wanted to design a platform that could work around the seats.

We designed a “box” of sorts out of 2x4s and some MDF that would slide behind my back seats at a height that would match my seats when folded forward; this box also had a lip for the remainder of the MDF to slide in... We cut the remainder of the MDF so that it could fit into said lip of the box and use the seats as a bridge! This provided a removable platform that worked perfectly with my car.


For about 50 bucks and a Saturday afternoon, we were able to create a space to crash in the car, and have more storage. We’ve had the platform in (and out) of the car for about 7 months now and have spent many a night pulled over sleeping on the way or at a fun destination!!


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Words, wisdom & photos by Ambassador, Anna Wong