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Meet Nick Danielson

"As a person who is frequently transitioning from mountain trails to city streets, having practical outdoor apparel that I can wear to a meeting with a client or at my favorite cafe is a game-changer."


"Born and raised in Seattle, my life has taken place in between the two mountain ranges of Washington and never far from a view of the ocean. Growing up, the older I got, the more I realized how incredible it is to have such access to so many wilderness areas."

Nick (@nickmdanielson) became close with his outdoor community and the neighboring North Cascades through trail running. "It's how my love of the outdoors developed and where my biggest goals and challenges formulate. The trail running community and the opportunity to connect long trails in the backcountry keep me coming back to the mountains week after week.

"The North Cascade Range is Washington's hidden gem. It stretches for miles in rugged, undulating ridgelines and stunning alpine lakes. Often called the most remote place in the lower 48, North Cascades National Park is never short on solitude."


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