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Playing Hooky: A-Basin Beach Day

Mountain Standard Ski Day

The snow in Colorado has been some of the best I remember seeing in my lifetime this season. That probably doesn’t mean much to some of the natives out here, but coming from a life of skiing ice in West Virginia, I can’t help but get excited every time I open up the Open Snow App at 5am to check snow reports and when the news is good, I can’t help but get excited.

Some of the other Mountain Standard employees, Field Agents and photographers made a pact earlier in the week to watch the snow reports a few Wednesdays back to make sure we got up to A-Basin if the snow was falling to test some product and put some mid-week stoke on our brains.

It was 60 degrees in Denver when we left with a car packed full of doughnuts, breakfast burritos, beers and quesadilla supplies and I couldn’t help but be skeptical about what the conditions we’re gonna be like when we got there. I was pleasantly surprised, and so was everyone else when they got there. SO. MUCH. SNOW.


Arapahoe Basin Beach

We pulled up to our beach spot (if you’ve never rented one of these out, I highly recommend it), unloaded coffee, breakfast burritos and doughnuts and carbo-loaded before headed up to crush some of the best powder I’ve skied in my life. Some of us may have even poured a little whiskey in our coffee using the Insulated Camp Mugs to keep warm.


Insulated Mug

As soon as we finished eating way too much, everyone took out their insulated jackets and Terrain n’ Rain shells to put to the test in the elements and we headed up the hill together. Being from the land of carving ice on skis, I never got the whole stoke around skiing fresh, deep powder until this day. I think all of us had big, dumb smiles on our faces the entire time.


Chair lift

Skiing in Mountain Standard


To wind down the day, we opened some beers, set up some Camp Chairs, whipped out the grill and made some grilled quesadillas with the Green Chile Salsa and some veggies sautéed in the World Explorer Spice. Everyone was bummed to be going back to reality, but the stoke from this day got everyone through the rest of the week. Working for a Colorado outdoor apparel company ROCKS.


Camping Salsa

Camping Chairs

Power on compadres.

Brennah Rosenthal

Digital Content Manager - Mountain Standard

Snow beanie