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Weather's Wild: A Look at Summer 2019

Weather's wild...

Our Summer 2019 Collection photoshoot was on track to be a weekend of short sleeve adventures. Climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing and camping with some of our favorite people, set right in our backyard. An ideal Colorado 48-hours spent testing out our new product lineup. 

Then we got hit with a 24-hour snowstorm. The third of the month. Seemingly, the mountains weren't as ready for summer as we were. 

We'd already rescheduled this shoot around an earlier May dump, so there was no turning back on this go. So armed with extra coffee, beers and winter jackets we rallied the troops and weathered the storm. In traditional Mountain Standard fashion, we rolled with it...


Parking lot luxury. 

Both Steven and Jenny are super talented climbers, and we were stoked to be tagging along with them on a day trip to boulder in Evergreen, CO. But with 5" of snow and dangerously wet conditions, we detoured the camper van and waited out the conditions in the comfortable quarters of our decked out Native Campervan, Vantriloquist



Rain check.

An after work ride in Golden turned into a parking lot rip when the trails were reduced to mud puddles. Huge credit to Ben, Josh and Ryan for 1) their awareness of trail etiquette, and 2) shrugging off the snow with zero audible complaints. 

The day ended early with margs and tacos. Life could be worse. 




Dusk to dawn patrol. 

Evi & Andrea (fresh off a night shift at the hospital) met us the following morning for a 6am session on Boulder Creek. The snow had let up, but the temperatures back in the canyon were a reminder of the winter storm. We didn't catch a damn thing. 

With frozen fingers and bruised egos we took refuge in the neighboring A Lodge as the sun came up and the Front Range started to look like spring again. 

Ready for multiple seasons in 24 hours.