Green Chile Salsa
Green Chile Salsa Green Chile Salsa Green Chile Salsa Green Chile Salsa Green Chile Salsa
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Shelf Life FAQ: Our new pouches have an incredible 10-year recommended shelf-life from the date of manufacture. Some of our pouches have a printed best by date for recommended peak freshness, but are packaged to stay fresh and delicious well beyond the printed date. Store your food products in dry, sanitary conditions to maximize shelf-life and enjoy your food well beyond the best by date.

Made in collaboration with Backpackers Pantry.

  • Green Chiles are a staple with every meal in the southwest, they make everything better. We blended roasted green chiles, garlic, onion, chia seeds and hemp seeds for the added health benefits. Our spicy Green Chili Salsa is great with chips, eggs, potatoes, on a burger and mixed with sour cream. 100% all natural.
  • Green chili pepper, organic extra virgin olive oil, onion, bell pepper, hulled hemp seeds, garlic, sea salt, organic black chia seed, organic spinach, jalapeno chili pepper, cumin seed, lime juice powder (citric acid, lime oil, lime juice, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), organic evaporated cane juice), apple cider vinegar (maltodextrin, food starch-modified and apple cider vinegar).
    1. Remove the lid and seal
    2. Open olive oil pouch and pour into cup
    3. Add 1 cup of warm or cold water (fill line is marked on the outside of cup)
    4. Cover with lid and Stir or shake ingredients
    5. Let chill for 10 minutes and dig in!
    • As a tangy dip for your favorite chip
    • Topped over steak, burgers, or chicken
    • Add to eggs for a scumptious scramble
    • Add sour cream instead of water for a creamy dip

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Fast, Easy, Delicious

This salsa for one, tastes amazing. Two, it was so easy to make. Perfect to take on a tour and snack on after a lap. Just pouring water in - it is the perfect car camping or adventure snack.