World Explorer Spice
World Explorer Spice World Explorer Spice World Explorer Spice
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Shelf Life FAQ: Our new pouches have an incredible 10-year recommended shelf-life from the date of manufacture. Some of our pouches have a printed best by date for recommended peak freshness, but are packaged to stay fresh and delicious well beyond the printed date. Store your food products in dry, sanitary conditions to maximize shelf-life and enjoy your food well beyond the best by date.

Made in collaboration with Backpackers Pantry.

  • A delicious turmeric blend that captures the health benefits of turmeric with the delicious qualities of garlic, peppercorns and Himalayan sea salts. You will be the hero while camping or at home.
  • Turmeric, garlic (minced & granulated), green & pink peppercorns, pink himalayan sea salt, crushed red chili pepper, black pepper
    1. Add liberally to your savory foods of choice
    • Mix into burger patties
    • Sprinkle on top of a bagel with cream cheese or avocado
    • Add to eggs, veggies, fish, or steak

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Great on everything!

The World Explorer Spice is great on everything! It's become our go-to spice for cooking and is good on everything (steak, chicken, mixed veggies, etc)! We can't wait to order more.