The Mountain Standard Field Agent program is a collection of people with an affinity for the outdoors and backyard adventures in the RIMBY. Field Agents aren't professional athletes or creatives, but they love what they do and are profoundly committed to enjoying and improving upon their craft. 

Collectively, we believe in the simple truth that getting outside and pursuing adventure can have profound impacts on who we are, what we value, how we choose to lead our lives - awesome adventures build character. The team at Mountain Standard knows this truth first-hand and is committed to building a community that empowers the adventure ready spirit.

Field Agent openings are temporarily limited this season. If you would like to apply for the next round of openings, APPLY HERE. Our team will review each application during the following dates, and will follow up once your application has been processed:

January 1 - 10
April 1 - 10
June 1 - 10
September 1 - 10 -- now closed
November 1 - 10 -- next opening
If you have any questions about program details or requirements, get in touch at fieldagents@mountainstandard.com, or learn more about our featured Field Agents here.