Standard necessities proven in the mountains...most simply, the Mountain Standards.



We cut no corners, our high end products are on par with the top technical outdoor brands.  Our design team is award winning, we work with the best material suppliers in the world and have dedicated partnerships with the top global makers.  We directly control the entire product process in order to bring you authentic, mountain tested products.

Mountain Utility

Versatility is the key to everything Mountain Standard creates. With the constantly changing weather, unique destinations and sick activities found here; we believe gear should work for all of it.  Instead of the typical spring and fall product introductions, we have aligned our product introductions with the dream seasons of our region.

Mountain Standard’s premium goods have a clean aesthetic with the right amount of tech and features for a life lived in the mountains. This Mountain Utility design philosophy drives all our products. If it is needed in the mountain standard time zone, we might be working on it, but always let us know what you want.

You’re Covered

We believe in the quality of our goods so much that if you are not happy with it, send it back and we will do everything we can to make it right.